Yoga and meditation practisioner, massage therapist, come unity builder,music and dance lover, interested in all ways to wich promote natural health and pure truth. Snappie TV is making co-creative videos to spread information on natural health and pure truth and right action the Dharma of Human Kind. Helping others in the physical, mental and emotional spheres gives me a strong sense of meaning, so I decided also to help people out as a "handy girl" in the house, in the garden, moving houses, bringing people to Schiphol, or pick them up after a long nite out and than I am the BOB. As I am handy with my hands I've also started a " Handy Hands "initiative so I can come to help inside the house with small construction work. Also my van can be used to bring people to Schiphol, drive people home as a BOB, bring elderly to the beach, do house movings or take a way garden rubbish.