What on earth does it take ? The Movie Thrive 1:

Thrive 11: limited viewing , Clck this link to gett access Remember this: humans were not created in a big city. The Book of Origins – Genesis – shows that man was created in a beautiful, lush garden and was given the authority to make the whole earth a fruitful paradise.

De aarde onze moeder,………en zij die haar bewerken, onze boeren en natuur dragers.

Farmers – the good ones who don’t destroy the earth, but cherish it and cause it to flourish – are the closest to the first created man. Humans were made for the earth, to learn, discover, value, cherish, love and protect the earth, so that it is a source of LIFE for all who dwell on it.

The wicked have stolen most of that, and have caused humans to be disconnected from the world we are born in, by focusing us on fake movies, lying media, poisonous ‘health’ care, and toxic food, that has caused more disease in our time than ever before.

But I see a change coming – where the basics of true life will be valued again. The more dead, fake, empty illusions that are created, the more people will return to that which is alive, real and fulfilling.