Heroes of Humanity: Cures for Covid 19

Dr Andreas Kalcker a wordly known scientist from Switzerland has developed a cure for Covid 19 and all its variations. 100% effective, copletely safe and amazingly cheap.

In the Nation of Bolivia , 100 people died every day from covid 19, the biofysist Andreas Kalcker started to experimenting with chlorine dioxide,….it really worked, the one hundred people bein affected bij Covid 19, Of the 100deaths per day decreased form 100 till 0 people after two months. Chlorine Dioxide……increases the oxigen in the blood and it eliminates pathogens on the other side, so the proces oxidation looks its like a smal electrical chock inside. Andreas was already working with this for more than 13 years. CDS

The Helsinky protocol no 37 declares clearly that anny Doctor can use annything to cure other Humans, if there are no other aproved mdicine, under Supra Natural Law we can use annything if it can help the Human for their right to live,.. we can use it without being aproved by the FDA.

In Bolivia it was verry bad that time , They had 100 death people every day !! the experimented with CDS in the military and the death rate went down to zero in two months.

Meer dan 4000 Doctors in 22 landen zijn met dit protocol gaan werken. En met Suc7!!!

Filmpje van Andreas zijn cure : https://rumble.com/vhrnh9-forbidden-cure-andreas-kalcker.html