Yurt rental

Mongolian tents named Yurt’s ore Ger’s are very cozy to stay in.

Because of their round structure, a kind of holy geometrical form with 70 sticks and awareness of the earth, water, fire and wind elements usually makes people feel a sense of sacred silence inside the tent bringing inner peace.

Good to use for short stay, ceremonies, meditation and yoga classes, birthday parties, or events.

5 meter fri, sat, sunday: € 250,
6.5 ,meter fri,sat,sunday: € 450,

Transport: 0.25 per km
Excl.taxes 6%

Renting for the Long Term? Please email: innersmile11@hotmail.com

If you would like more specific info about the size, how many people can fit in, check out: www.nooitmeerhaast.nl

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